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Adrenalin Snorkel and Dive ‘Locals Offer’ launches

Locals enticed to explore their own backyard with exclusive deal

We are all guilty of getting sucked into the monotony of everyday life. But with so many wonderful experiences to enjoy it is time we become tourists in our own town. In the spirit of helping North Queenslanders discover something different, we at Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive are offering locals $50 off all dive and snorkel trips – including tours to the world’s first underwater museum.

If there’s one thing we’re great at, it is welcoming people from near and far… Being a local means everyone in the northern half of our beautiful state – from Mackay to the Cape and west to Mount Isa! We’re encouraging North Queenslanders to dive into this unmissable deal.

What can you experience?

Coral Greenhouse – Museum of Underwater Art

Just 2 hours off the coast of Townsville is the Southern Hemisphere’s first underwater museum – the Coral Greenhouse, part of the Museum of Underwater Art project. We are one of only a handful of commercial operators who have exclusive access to the site. The Coral Greenhouse at John Brewer reef was installed just over 12 months ago, so the marine life has well and truly moved in. The site is on the fringe of expansive shallow coral reef, so once you’ve checked out the Museum of Underwater Art – with a dive, snorkel or introductory dive, there is a spectacular example of the Great Barrier Reef a mere 30m paddle away. The 160 tonne structure can be seen by snorkelling the site, but if you would prefer to explore its intricacies, we recommend a scuba dive to have a closer look – even with an introductory dive.

An inquisitive diver inspects one of the MOUA sculptures
Credit: @davidkirkland

Not a diver? No problem!

All reef tours are available to snorkellers or introductory divers! If you don’t have your certification but have a keen interest in what goes on under the surface of the big blue, why not consider a dive training course? We offer courses for beginners to advanced open water training that will get you on your way to dive deeper.

Scuba divers at the Museum of Underwater Art ‘Coral Greenhouse’
Credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

SS Yongala shipwreck

One of the world’s best wreck dives is just off Cape Bowling Green, east of Townsville. The SS Yongala sunk during a tropical cyclone more than 100 years ago! It’s the largest and intact historic shipwreck in Australia and is home to turtles, sea snakes, giant trevally, Queensland gropers, eagle rays, manta rays, thousands of tropical fish species – and in the cooler months, even whales! Exploring this beauty is reserved for certified divers and if you’re a local diver, you can save $50 off guided trips.

A Napoleon wrasse at the SS Yongala dive site
Credit: @mattcurnock

Grab your partner or a group of friends and book a trip today and make memories to last a lifetime. Locals from the Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, North Western regions out to Mount Isa and everywhere in between can book using the code ‘LOCAL50’ at the time of booking. Proof of postcode will be required when boarding. T&Cs apply, you can read them here.

You can find all our day trips here. And all our courses here.

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