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Minkes are a sociable mob …

by Captain Trevor Jackson There are several iconic wildlife interactions in the world that simply transcend reality. By that I mean, while you’re there, it

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Quetta Brown

She was the only child out of 30, to survive. Despite endless speculation, she lived her entire life never really knowing who she was. Her

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Summer Here…

by Captain Trevor Jackson You know how you’ve got those odd moments in your life that you remember as if they were yesterday … but

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Back to the Future…

by Captain Trevor Jackson When I was a kid … quite by accident, I discovered snorkelling. I lived in a little fishing village where, if

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Into the Unknown

Captain Trevor Jackson “Everything has changed. There’s no way of knowing yet if things will ever be the same as they were before, but that’s

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Last Boat Standing

Captain Trevor Jackson We are the last boat standing. By virtue of our schedule, we are still at sea, anchored 50 miles off the coast.

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The Reef is Great!

Captain Trevor Jackson A year or two back my brother and I were cleaning out our dear old mum’s house… I happened to glance down

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