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Keep Calm, Stay Covered and Prepare for Your Next Dives

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As we settle in to our new normal — staying home, practicing social distancing and foregoing travel and diving — many of us are finding ourselves with some extra time on our hands and craving stimulation. Know that DAN is still here for you in these uncertain times. And here are a few ideas for staying focused and energized until you can get back in the water. 

Our Experts Are Standing By
Although most people are not diving right now, DAN medics are still available 24/7 to help any diver in need of emergency medical assistance. If you experience an incident, contact local emergency services and then call the DAN Emergency Hotline at +1 (919) 684-9111.

DAN encourages divers and dive operators to comply with federal and state social distancing orders and to stay up to date on the recommendations of the CDC, WHO and your local health department. We acknowledge that some people will continue to dive, and we recommend that they take steps to lower the risk of disease transmission and minimize their risk of injury to avoid further stressing hospitals and emergency medical services.

DAN encourages  divers and dive operators to comply with federal and state social distancing  orders and to stay up to date on the recommendations of the CDC, WHO and your  local health department.

Refresh Your Knowledge or Learn Something New
If you’re relatively new to diving or could use a knowledge refresher, check out Prepared Diver. This free video course not only prepares you to avoid some of the most common causes of dive accidents, it gives you the knowledge you need to stay safe and show others that you know what you’re doing. Prepared Diver, along with many other free and engaging courses, is now available at Log in or create your e-learning account today.

If you want to go the extra mile, begin a DAN first aid course. Contact your local DAN instructor about enrolling in a course (visit our instructor locator to find one near you). DAN first aid courses were designed with divers in mind but can prepare you to save lives anywhere. Whether you’re planning on getting certified soon or have been certifying divers for years, DAN has a first aid course that will prepare you to respond to emergencies in almost any setting, diving or otherwise. The best part is, each course can be completed almost entirely online through DAN’s e-learning platform. After completing the knowledge-based portion from the comfort and safety of your own home, you can complete the skills-based portion in short order when you meet with your instructor after things get back to normal. Then, when you’re able to go out diving again, you’ll have a set of skills under your belt that will make you an asset on any dive trip.

Increase Your Fitness to Dive
Gym closures and extra time indoors can make sticking to a fitness routine difficult, but regular exercise is vital to maintaining your health and your fitness to dive. To make sure you’re in peak physical condition once it’s time to start diving again, check out some of the Dive Fitness articles we’ve published in Alert Diver magazine over the years. Exercise physiologist Jessica B. Adams, Ph.D., crafted these workouts specifically for increasing your fitness to dive and making you stronger and more comfortable in the water. Most of these workouts can be done on your own, at home and without any specialized equipment.  

If your new dive fitness routine inspires you to focus even more on your health, check out DAN’s free online Health and Diving Guides. These guides provide in-depth information about how diving affects the body. Just a few minutes of reading can give you useful knowledge of conditions you might not have considered before and teach you how to mitigate their effects. No matter how many dives you’ve done, the information in DAN’s Health and Diving Guides can help make all your future dives safer and more comfortable. It can also equip you to help other divers around you, which is especially important if you’re a dive professional who teaches students or leads divers.

If you have specific questions or were unable to find what you were looking for in our Health and Diving Guides, contact our medics. The DAN Medical Information Line is still operating during its normal hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 8:00pm ET. If you have a dive medical question, call the information line at +1 (919) 684-2948, or email us at

Stay Covered
DAN membership benefits you whether you’re diving or not. It’s important to keep your membership up to date so you are ready to dive as soon as restrictions are lifted. And know that your membership dues and insurance premiums are reinvested in the organization, allowing DAN to continue providing live-saving assistance, medical services and research for the benefit of all. If you need to renew your coverage, you can do so in just a few minutes, either online or by phone.  And if you have questions about your coverage, our representatives are standing by Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm ET at +1 (919) 684-2948, Option 3, and

Take a deep breath and know that DAN is still here for you.

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