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PADI Women’s Dive Day

PADI Women’s Dive Day falls on 20 July every year and celebrates the diversity and inclusivity in the sport of scuba diving. PADI launched the first PADI Women’s Dive Day in 2015 to build a global community of divers, across all ages and genders, to safely and confidently take on the underwater world. The day has grown since its inception and last year it was celebrated throughout 1,000 events in over 104 countries. PADI is expecting the 2019 event to be the biggest and most celebratory one yet!

Here are some things you can do on 20 July to celebrate PADI
Women’s Dive Day:

1. Go diving with a female buddy

The simplest way to celebrate is to grab your gear, hire a couple of tanks, and dive into the water with a female buddy. Here in Townsville there are a couple of social clubs that you can get in touch with to organise fun dives. NQUEC and JCU Dive Club are two of the more active social dive clubs in Townsville. Hire a tank on Maggie Island and do a shore dive to the Moltke Wreck, we provide gear hire but there are many dive shops around Townsville and Magnetic Island that do so as well.

2. Encourage your female friend to get dive-certified!

Help grow PADI Women’s Dive Day by encouraging more females to take up the sport of scuba diving. Some females may be interested but might be intimated by the heavy tanks and large BCDs. If you know of anyone who is interested in the ocean, being underwater, marine life and the such, talk to them about scuba diving. If they are keen to find out more they can always try Discover Scuba Diving – something we offer on our trips or in the pool.

3. Get the next generation dive-certified!

Apart from getting your friends certified, you can also encourage the next generation of divers. Children can undertake the PADI Junior Open Water Course as young as at the age of ten, which is great for kids who love being in the water or being in the ocean. We love it when the kids get interested in scuba as that is usually a hobby that they will cultivate and stick with them for life!

4. Spread awareness about scuba diving

If you find yourself unwilling or unable to do the above, there is still something you can do to celebrate PADI Women’s Dive Day. That is; spread the word about scuba diving. Put a post up on your Instagram about the last time you went diving, share a video on Facebook about scuba diving, use hashtags or tell the story about that one memorable dive that you did.

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