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January- The words of our DM

When people ask me if I ever get bored of diving the same wreck, today was another one of those days when I can let the dive speak for itself…

From the start of the descent there were Cheveron Barracuda circling around the 5m mark and then a big pack of GT’s (Giant Trevally)?came screaming past before we had even reached the wreck! We cruised along the deck side having to duck occasionally as the surrounding Jacks blast in at the bait fish that carpet the entire wreck. As we came up to the bow there was a Guitar Shark coming past underneath us and the Giant QLD Groupers were just hanging out in mid water dwarfing all the other marine life. As we made our way back along the top of the wreck an Eagle Ray swooped past to get a good clean, we continued along to the stern to look back and see a Manta! With air running low we couldnt play for too long so we made our ascent already counting down the time till dive #2!- Chris (Sideshow) N

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