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Jurassic January!

What great weather, marine life and visibility – you couldn’t ask for more when diving the S.S. Yongala.

Our skipper had a great view of the wreck and divers on Saturday with the visibility reaching 25m.? The weather conditions have been very favourable for diving with not-so-strong currents and wind being around 10-15 knots on most days.

The few days of rain that we received in early January has brought out the marine life in abundance.? Our divers have witnessed bull sharks, silver tip sharks, eels, snakes and groupers with our resident turtle also getting up close and personal again this month with our divers.? Some of our divers were unlucky enough to lose the Go-Pro’s on the wreck whilst they were busily trying to capture memories of their day.

February is looking to be an even better month for diving…

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